Best FPS Gaming Mouse

Hello gamers! Looking for the Best FPS Gaming Mouse? You have come to the right place! Gamers need a lot of equipment to play games efficiently and one of the major player for gamers is a good mouse, hence to help you obtain the best gaming experience and the best mouse, you need to go over this article as it would help you decide on the best mouse and know about the nitty-gritty details and find the best budget gaming mouse than give this article a read.

Especially if you are a FPS game lover then this article is just the right one for you. It contains A-Z knowledge about FPS mouse and setting for less is not an option. You can certainly use the ordinary mouse, however, if you want to experience the richness and level of fun embedded in the gaming world, you need to purchase FPS mouse. Even if you have not has a taste of the gaming mouse, it is time to up the game and get your hands on one.

So all the gaming freaks out there gather your stuff and get all set to buy the best gaming mice, it could be a life changing experience for you. The best type of gaming mouse needs to be super quite, super light, super-fast, and super smooth.  Let’s get to it without any further delay!

Best FPS Gaming Mouse

There are lot of gaming mouse to play games with, but in this review we got you the Best FPS gaming mouse among them. We here wrote about Each Brands Highlights a FPS Gaming mouse have in them. so let’s read the review.

Logitech G Pro Wireless


Highlight: Considered to be best all-rounder wireless mouse

DPI: 100-25600

Battery life: Default Lighting 48 hours, No Lighting 60 hours.

Buttons: 7

Interface: USB

Sensor: HERO

Weight: 80 grams

Report Rate: 1 ms

Rated as the best all-rounder mouse, this wireless Logitech G pro Mouse is one of the kinds. The quality of this mask could be gauged from the fact that this particular mouse is battling the Razer Vipe Ultimate mouse for the throne of mouse kingdom and this sets it apart from all the other mice. It is claimed by the firm itself that this beautifully designed smart mouse with seven buttons has been designed over the time frame of 2 years. The design of this mouse is unique and simplistic with no extra belly or curves. It is the perfect mouse for all types of grips and all types of hands.

This major PC gaming component has over 16 million color combinations and its new lightsync technology allows the mouse to react to the audio. This particular mouse is one of the kinds and it has great battery life that can last a long period of time, giving relaxation to the gamers. It has a total of 7 buttons and all are customized and each click is tight and immensely accurate. This wireless mouse has automatic setting that will save you the trouble of going to the setting of every game you play.

The sync between screen movement and hand gesture is instant. Like wired mask, this wireless mask is immensely speedy and detects the screen movement instantly and syncs perfectly with the gestures. Nevertheless, despite the fact that this is one of the best gaming mice, it still has its cons. One of the cons of Logitech Wireless G pro Mouse is that the scroll wheel on the mouse is pretty finicky when pressed.


  • Beautiful and elegant design
  • Fast movement
  • Lightweight
  • The performance makes it tournament worthy


  • Cannot be used for both, left and right-handed people
  • Middle mouse button may feel finicky

Razer DeathAdder V2

Razer DeathAdder V2

Highlight: Best overall wired mouse

DPI: 100-20,000

Interface: USB

Buttons: 8

Connectivity: Wired

Weight: 82 grams

Warranty: 2 years

One of the best gaming mice, Razer DeathAdder V2, is designed is such a way that it could fit both medium and large hands. Even if you are someone with small hands, this mouse will not be a trouble for you. Despite the fact it is designed for people with palm grip, but it also works wonder in the case of claw and fingertip styles. Unlike its older version, Razer DeathAdder V2 is a lighter option and it has a comfortable design that will not let your hands get tired even after hours of gaming.

It has a total of 8 programmable buttons, with three main buttons and four additional buttons, two large buttons on the left hand side, whilst two smaller ones on top. Every button has its own function and works in the perfect way. The scroller is a big plus point of this mouse as many of the mice fail to satisfy the user but this particular mouse has the best scroller. It has the best design which is not only comfortable but also light weight. The most important component of this mouse is the cable hardware that comes with it, when we talk about the motion of this mouse.

It is essential to keep the wire because no matter how strong and good quality the mouse has, any issue with its wire could lead to reduction in the quality of performance. This industry leading mouse has a DPI of up to 20,000 with a resolution and accuracy of 99.6%.  However, even though Razer DeathAdder V2 has its own perks; it certainly has some major cons as well. Firstly, it is not ambidextrous, which implies that the users cannot use it with the same passion with both left and right hand.


  • Leading brand in the market
  • Extremely responsive
  • Feels Comfortable


  • Not ambidextrous

Glorious Model O

Glorious Model O

Highlights: Best Lightweight Mouse and best grip

DPI: 400-12000

Interface: USB 2.0

Buttons: 6

Weight: 67 grams

This glorious mouse is the smallest and the most lightweight mouse that is created to facilitate the gamers. If you a competitive gamer and are looking for an ambidextrous mouse, Glorious Model O is just the right one for you. It has honeycomb style on the back and belly. The holes in the mouse are there to provide you proper ventilation that will keep your hands free from sweat. One of the most amazing features of this mouse is that it is easy to clean.

Apart from its other awesome features its hardware cable is its most splendid feature. To all the competitive gamers out there, it is one of the best mice out there as it has an attached wire and that makes it better than the wireless mouse. This thing makes it a pertinent option for people who want to play continuously, as it eliminates the risk of running out of battery.

It has more technical specs; it has an amazing DPI indicator. Has a Pixart 3360 sensor, a polling rate 1000Hz, less than 0.7mm lift-off distance, zero mouse acceleration. It is a highly affordable as compared to many other brands. The color combinations might be an issue here, the brand might send you a different colored.

Another issue with these mice is that it does not have sufficient buttons. There are three main buttons: one on top and the rest of the two on sides. The fans are dissatisfied with the extra buttons. However, the quality offered by this brand is immeasurable; the price of this mouse along with the light-weight element, are most prominent features of this mouse.


  • Value is Reasonable
  • Immensely light weight
  • Could be used by both right and left hands


  • No accuracy of shade of colors.

Logitech G502

Logitech G502

Sensors: Optimal

Buttons: 11

DPI: 100-16000 DPI

Weight: 121 grams

Connectivity: Wired

It is overall one of the best Fps mouse, with moderate weight and balance tuning. It has a plethora of buttons and its super-fast scroll system.  This mouse is best of its kind and if you are someone who loves a light weight mouse then you need not worry as it offers five 3.5 grams button and all these are configurable. The comfort zone of each and every person is different hence; this mouse is built in such a way that it suits the requirement of different people. This is the unique selling point of this amazing mouse.

This mouse has a large range of colors available and the colors change according to the mouse, for instance if you player in the game was about to die, the mouse changes its color to red. Another traumatic thing for the gamers could be restarting the game every time and not being able to save the data; nevertheless, this Logitec G502 mask has got it all covered, with its memory slot.

What is even better is the smoothness and zero acceleration of the mouse and its DPI range of 200-12000. If you are a casual gamer, this is the perfect mouse for you. Even in the case of intense competition, this mouse will prove to be your best friend.


  • Unique Customization feature
  • Best hardware
  • Smooth and precise feel


  • Noisy Mouse wheel

Cooler Master MM710

Fps Gaming Mouse - Cooler Master MM710

Weight: 53 grams

Highlights: Lightness

If you are someone looking for a fast and an immensely light weight, feather like mouse, cooler Master MM710, id just the one for you. It is a basic device loaded with sheer elegance and style. Can help you win a plethora of competitions and the high speed gaming win can do the trick. Has a resolution sensor.

This Mouse maintains a low profile but the overall shape is the best for right handed people who love competitive gaming. However, it could be deciphered from the built of MM 710 that it is a non-ambidextrous mouse that is not suitable for players who use both their hands in gaming. Despite the fact that it is a very small mouse, it can be a bit uncomfortable for people who wish to have a strong grip and have larger hands.

Lastly, the worst part about this mouse is that it has a profile- save limitation. But if you love to keep your mouse clean, this is the best Gunk-Resistant mouse.


  • Light weight
  • Gunk- Resistant Coating
  • Competitive Configuration software


  • Very small
  • Profile saves limitation.

Steelseries sensei 310

Fps Gaming Mouse - Steelseries sensei 310

Highlights: Best Ambidextrous mouse

DPI: 100-12000

Buttons: 8

Interface: USB

Being the most ambidextrous mouse, Steelseries Sensie 310, helps you facilitate both side movement of hands and it provides comfort and flexibility for your claw style and finger grip. The mouse or the core of this mouse is made up of durable plastic. It has a semi- rough matte texture that not only makes the mouse feel expensive but also prevents it from getting marks or stain.

The silicon grip, not only makes the mouse ambidextrous but it also facilitates grip and it has buttons on both of its side. The durability of this mouse is so high that you will not complain about the buttons coming. It is designed for professional players not the casual players so keep this in mind when going for mouse shopping. It is a better suited mask for snipers.


  • Ambidextrous
  • Durability is very high
  • 1 to 1 tracking feature


  • Heavy Device
  • Meant for only big hands, not the small ones.

Corsair Ironclaw RGB

Fps Gaming Mouse - Corsair Ironclaw RGB

DPI: 100-18000


Weight: 4.7 oz.

Interface: USB

It is one of the biggest mice out there, so if you are looking for a mouse to fit your large hands, this is the one.  Might not serve the small handed people well, though. Designed to facilitate a palm grip and it has each and everything you need, ranging from rubber grip on both sides to the 10 buttons. The built of this mouse shows that it is specifically designed for right-handed people with large hands.

Not only is it perfect for large hands but it is immensely durable as well. The good handware of this mouse makes it worth every penny and the DPI resolution delivers the best precision and it gives you accuracy in your gaming style. So, people with giant hands, it’s the best treat for you and the durability makes it worthwhile.


  • Great Performance
  • Durability is high
  • Made for professional players


  • Not right or comfortable button placement.

Tips Before Buying

  • The first thing to consider here is the purpose of your mouse. If you are someone indulged in heavy gaming then buying a good gaming mouse is your necessity. It serves you well if you use gaming Pc for FPS, RPGs, RTS; the gaming mouse will intensify your experience and can be a game changer for you.
  • The Type of sensors is the next thing to consider before rushing off to buy the best mouse. Sensors facilitate the communication between you and your PC and mouse is the right way to do it. There are two types of sensors: lazer and optimal sensor. If you are looking for a mouse with good resolution, integrated Led Light and about 3000 DPI, optimal sensors are the best for you. However, if you are looking for better DPI of around 6000 and higher resolution, go for the Lazer sensor.
  • DPI or dots per inch is another essential factor to consider and dig information about before rushing to buy a new gaming mouse. It is considered that the higher the DPI, the better the mouse is. The gamers who move mouse more speedily need mouse with higher DPI, and many mice have the option of using the mice as per your requirement.
  • Grip style is also an essential thing to consider when it comes to gaming mice. There are three major types of grips: claw, palm and finger grip. Hence, it is essential to note your grip styles as it will facilitate you when you go mouse shopping. Due to the differences in grip style, the shape of the mouse would be different; the claw grip mouse would be smaller than finger grip.
  • Do your research and look for the prices of different mice and this will help you locate the best mouse in your budget. Going over your budget and researching for the best budget buy, will give you a good idea of which product you want to buy, prior to your shopping.

How We Test Best FPS Gaming Mouse

The opinion on the styles of mice is purely subjective, as everybody has a different opinion and different gaming style; however, having sufficient amount of information is the key. The components or features that make a mouse stand out include the track performance, speed control, angle snapping and acceleration. So, whenever you go out to buy a FPS gaming mouse keep these features in your mind. Testing your mouse is very important as you would not want to enter a tournament with a bad mouse.


If you are a gaming freak, go over this article to learn everything about the gaming mouse and before buying the perfect one for you. Happy gaming!

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