CBD For Dogs

CBD is a product that is available in many forms and is renowned amongst people. However, further studies have revealed that is product is also useful for your pets. Especially using CBD for dogs is becoming more and more popular.

Unfortunately, if you own a pet experiencing health troubles, CBD is an option to consider.

Cannabidiol has been observed to produce a relaxing effect on users. Although it is legal in most places in the United States, it is still illegal in some. CBD’s history has shown that the compound has found use since its major discovery in the 19th century.

What is CBD & How It Relates to Your Pup?

CBD is the compound cannabidiol acronym found in the hemp plant and cannabis plant’s flowering part. CBD is one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the plant. It has been observed over the years to be beneficial to users.

If you have observed weakness or pain in your pup, CBD is an excellent alternative. CBD is a way to keep your pup safe and healthy. It has been observed to find use in several preventive and relief purposes. Hence it is a good supplement for your pups.

CBD influences your pups by affecting the mood, appetite, metabolism, sleep, and other functions. It is the best way to ensure that your pup grows up strong and healthy as a naturally occurring compound.

Is CBD Really Effective for Dog’s Good Health?

Of course, CBD has been observed to serve many important functions that improve a dog’s health.

There is no need to worry or be bothered; the product hardly has serious side effects, unlike conventional medications. Therefore, it’s worth a try. For your dog’s pain, anxiety, or sleeping difficulty, this product is your best bet.

The use of CBD for dogs is no longer a new development. CBD for pet dogs or cats is available in almost all CBD stores. You can also opt to buy CBD dog treats from trusted online sources.

If you have heard the effectiveness of CBD, allow me to confirm that it is true. However, the effect may differ from expectation based on concentration dosage.

Dog’s Endocannabinoid System and CBD

Studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system is more sensitive in dogs than humans. Therefore, it is agreeable that the effect of CBD on dogs is more than in humans.

Like the occurrences in humans when CBD is taken, the endocannabinoid system of pets is also influenced.

CBD has been observed to affect a dog’s endocannabinoid system by stimulating relaxing effects. It also associates with creating a balanced inner environment for your pet and, therefore, keeps them healthy.

The way CBD works on dogs’ endocannabinoid (EC) system is similar to that of humans. In humans, CBD indirectly influences the EC system hindering THC and similar intoxicative compounds from binding. Once this fusion is inhibited, the user experiences a calm and relaxing effect observed in pets using CBD.

CBD For Dogs: What Actual Benefit Does CBD Provide

Why should you give CBD a trial for your dog? Read further to find answers to your questions. Although studies have not reported specific benefits of using CBD for dogs, it’s similar to humans in some aspects. Pet owners have reported that similar effects as experienced in humans have been noted in pets. These benefits include:

  • Relieving Anxiety: Anxiety is a common mood distorter and is also common in dogs. If your pet is going through an anxious phase and wants to help, CBD is a good choice.
  • Reducing Pain: Most pet owners find out that their pet is going through extreme pain and the prescribed medications do little or nothing. Rather than feeling helpless, get your pet on a daily CBD dosage, and you will be happy you did.
  • Reducing Noise Phobia: Does your pet shiver when in a noisy area or during thunderstorms? Using CBD for dogs is a way through which many pet owners handle this occurrence. All there is to do is administer CBD before the noise.
  • Curing Loss of appetite: Is your furry friend not eating as they supposed? Instead of trying to force her to eat, why not add a dose of CBD in her daily diet. This works fast and is completely safe.
  • Curing or managing Epilepsy: The use of CBD for dog seizures is not one to ignore. If your pet has been experiencing epileptic seizures, cannabidiol is an option to consult. However, if your pet is on any medication, consult your vet first before administering CBD.
  • Cure for Inflammation: Many medications are taken for inflammation; however, the use of CBD as an anti-inflammatory is plausible. CBD diet for your pet is a good bet with safety and lesser side effects.

Different Spectrums & CBD Products You Must Know

The different spectrums of CBD are based on the different components of the compound. These groups are classified based on their composition of cannabinoids, THC, or only CBD. The spectrums are:

Full-Spectrum, which is the class of CBD where a detectable amount of THC can be found. This spectrum is recognized because of the effect of THC observed on CBD. However, this is only in minute quantities.

Another spectrum is Broad-spectrum, which is the class of CBD products that contain other cannabinoids in reasonable quantities. Finally, the CBD isolate is the third class, and it contains only CBD as its active component.

The products that are available include the following:

CBD oil is the liquid product of CBD; it is like olive oil and other oils but differs in that it contains CBD. Another product is CBD cream; this can be applied as a topical on pain locations and muscle or joint pain areas.

CBD treats another prepared category of CBD that is available for dogs. Some CBD brands also sell soft chews, a category of treats for pups and small pets.

Other CBD forms or products can be found, but the categories available to dogs and pets are mentioned above.

CBD oil vs. CBD treats: Which One Should You Give to Your Pet?

This can be a dilemma among pet owners; however, this section will broaden your view of both products.

CBD oil is a simple way to administer your pets with their daily supplement. Also, this product can be administered easily on your pets’ food rather than orally. Measuring the amount of dosage to administer is also easier with this method.

CBD treats, also, are taken as the easiest method of administering your pets with their daily CBD dose. Although dosage is not its strong point, it is the most convenient method to use. Having that the treat is prepared beforehand, is another way to play catch with your pets.

Considering these points, it is advisable for every pet owner that is new to CBD dosing or old-timers to buy CBD dog treats. This is the convenience of the product and that it is free from contamination, unlike oil.

CBD For Dogs Dosage Guide: How Much CBD Should You Give to Your Pup?

If you are new to dosing your pet with CBD, it is crucial to find the right dose. Although overdosing on your pet may not cause any immediate danger, it is not good for your pockets.

When buying a CBD product, one of the first things to consider is the right dosage for your pet to know what concentration to buy. Available concentrations differ depending on the CBD brand; some manufacturers offer a base concentration of 125mg, and others offer up to 250mg. Consider the size of your pet and the purpose of the product.

In severe cases, a higher concentration will be required than for moderate or daily uses—also, the size of your pet matters. For dogs weighing above 100 pounds, you should consider obtaining a higher product concentration.

Finally, brand reputation must be considered. Dogs have been more sensitive to CBD than humans; hence, pure CBD is the best to use. Manufacturers that chip out on purity to fit in prices should not be your resolve.

CBD for Dogs: Are There Any Side Effects?

Knowing the side effects of a product on your pet is one of the first considerations when buying CBD. The following side effects have been observed in pets.

  • Dizziness: Your pet may go through tiring times after intake of CBD. This effect can be due to excess dosing.
  • Low blood pressure: If you notice an unusual reduction in blood pressure during vet check-ups on your pet, it can be due to CBD. Ensure that you administer your pet with the right dose to limit this occurrence.
  • Dry Mouth: Of course, your dogs can’t inform you when they get dry mouths. However, an increase in water intake may be a symptom of this occurrence.

Bottom Line

Using CBD for dogs is no longer a new find. Many pet owners provide their pets with premium and quality relaxation using CBD. It is not late to get one for your pet as well.

Notwithstanding, ensure that you keep a close watch on the dosage levels. Do not overdose to stimulate effect and if your pet is on any medication, consult the vet before administering CBD.

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