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A pet can be everything from your best friend to your child to your furry little buddy! And, because we like animals, we want to keep them calm and safe. That’s why if you’re a pet owner, you must learn everything you need to know about CBD for pets.

If you’re already familiar with CBD, then you’ve probably noticed that CBD brands often have product lines just for pets. But do these products work? Are they safe, even? Today, let’s find out as we go over some of the main concerns pet owners have when considering CBD for their pets.

CBD Overview

Before we get into CBD for pets, let’s get into CBD in general. If you’re new to cannabis, you might be asking what CBD is and how it connects to cannabis. So, let’s start from the beginning. Marijuana has been used for generations to treat anything from muscular pain to insomnia. This plant possesses a lot of chemicals called cannabinoids  between them, some of the most famous are THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (which stands for cannabidiol).

While these two may appear similar, there are some significant variances between them. To begin, THC is the chemical ingredient in the cannabis plant that may get you high and provide all of the experiences you’ve undoubtedly seen portrayed in movies and TV shows. On the other hand, CBD does not get you high, but it can induce sensations of relaxation and general wellbeing, as well as happiness, focus, and enhanced attention span.

Does CBD Work On Pets?

It most certainly does! CBD works with your endocannabinoid system to decrease anxiety, handle mood swings and improve your life overall! You probably don’t remember the endocannabinoid system from science class. That’s because the Endocannabinoid System (or ECS) is relatively new to the medical community, with research only starting in the early 90s. Still, there’s a lot that scientists are discovering about ECS, and it all looks very promising.

According to our sources, “the Endocannabinoid System is essentially a network of receptors that spreads throughout your body. Receptors are tiny cells that receive different stimuli, such as pain or pleasure, and then translate those into messages which it sends up to the brain via neurons.”

Believe it or not, dogs have this same endocannabinoid system! That is why CBD compounds can be so beneficial to them since they have the same calming effects on humans. “Like in humans, CBD appears to be metabolized by the liver.”

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Can CBD Help My Pet?

If your pet is in chronic pain or seizures, then CBD can help reduce their pain and the number of seizures they have. Additionally, CBD is also great for pets with conditions that cause inflammation.

CBD is used for its anti inflammatory properties, anti-nausea effects, cardiac benefits, anti-anxiety impact, appetite stimulus, and possible cancer benefits. So, in a nutshell, CBD can certainly help your Dogs and Cats.

CBD Products For Pets

If both you and your veterinarian decide to explore CBD as a therapy for your dog, there are things to consider when purchasing CBD oil. Not all oils are created equal; you’ll want high-quality CBD oil if you want it to work. Look for organic products. If the CBD oil is not organic, it should be free of pesticides, fungicides, and solvents.

Don’t shop just based on pricing. Generally, better quality and purity are related to a higher cost, and a less expensive choice may contain harmful compounds like pesticides, herbicides, or heavy metals. Examine your CBD oil to check if it has any additives.

Make sure to obtain the analysis of all the products that you buy from any CBD brand. The company should supply a certificate certifying the level of CBD in the product. Many CBD products only include trace levels of CBD, and you should also ensure that the product contains almost no THC.

You can buy CBD treats, but the ideal way to use it is now in an oil or tincture version. CBD liquid may be purchased, and you may then modify your dog’s dosage drop by drop.

Does CBD Make Pets High?

The short answer is no, no, it doesn’t. According to resident dog expert Dr. Klein, “CBD oil does not include delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive component found in marijuana. In truth, most CBD products are produced from hemp rather than marijuana.” So, long story short, you shouldn’t fear your dog turning into Snoop Dogg or talking about the afterlife! As long as you give them CBD products, they’ll be just fine!

Is CBD Legal?

According to a recent article, “Hemp has been removed from the Controlled Substances Act, though the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classify CBD as a Schedule I drug.” The short answer is that CBD is, in fact, legal.

So, what does this mean? Well, it’s different in every state. Some states like California are very loose regarding regulating CBD and THC, and others like Alabama are much stricter and ban both.

On the Other

CBD is safer legally since it is not classified as a high-intensity psychoactive narcotic. On the other hand, THC has a more potent effect and negative connotation, and it is outlawed in several jurisdictions. In any event, it’s always a good idea to verify your state’s regulations to determine if the things you’re purchasing are legal or not, mainly to avoid another large charge as well as legal issues. After all, committing a crime does not pay!

Final Thoughts

CBD contains many advantageous properties for humans, so why shouldn’t we let our pets enjoy them as well? If CBD can bring us calm, better sleep, and improve our wellbeing, there’s no reason why we should deprive our dogs of those things as well.

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