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Our world is getting crowded and our living spaces become more restricted, setting up an at-home work setup is a luxury. The Covid-19 pandemic has left many office workers temporarily making their sofas and dining tables into a temporary home office. There are various furniture brands in the market that are making smaller desks to accommodate the requirements of smaller living environments. People don’t even know when they can get back to the office again.

But until then, you can consider some great small desk styles including secretary desks, ladder desks, and simple writing desks. When you don’t have ample storage, you can hide your work surface with secretary desks which means you can better separate work and life. Especially, if you are using a desk in a multipurpose room. On the other hand, ladder desks are desks that have a work surface at the bottom and then shelves above, connected by two side pieces, like a ladder. Also, a ladder desk can increase your vertical space. You need to shop for a desk that takes up a small space and looks good with your home’s decor. Let’s go through a review-based description of different desks for small spaces.

20 Best Desks for Small Spaces

1. Wood and Metal Desk

Wood and Metal Desk

Wooden and metal look desk gives the perfect touch of vintage to any room’s aesthetic. You can assemble it in 10-15 minutes. You may need another person to balance the legs to screw onto the top and for flipping the desk right-side up. You may love the wood tone top as reviewers liked it a lot. It’s best for the home office. You can choose any size according to the available space in your home where you want to place it.

2. Novogratz Desk

Novogratz Desk

This desk is designed in such a way to give you a much more expensive look than its actual price. This desk can easily add a touch of elegance and enhance the look of your room.

Novogratz is a big enough desktop that allows me to spread out my work and not feel cramped to fit nicely in my small area. According to the reviewer, you can assemble it easily in almost 10 minutes. It has some storage space and a space to put a computer charger so it stays organized and does not fall to the floor while working.

3. Vanity Desk Combo

Vanity Desk Combo

If anyone needs a two-in-one style desk for a small space. Then, the vanity desk combo is great if anyone needs to get ready in the morning and also wants to use it for your 9 a.m. virtual meeting on time.

According to reviewer’s you will get plenty of space on top of it. Also, a drawer attached to it will help you store papers and accessories. And the right side opens up for a mirror and more space for makeup accessories.

4. Adjustable Rolling Cart

Adjustable Rolling Cart

This rolling cart has wheels and is adjustable. It has wheels that adjust up and down. It will be super easy for you to move this desk from the couch to a chair or even bed.

According to reviewers, it can be used as a side table or one head dining table too. Moreover, it’s easy to put together, once you know how to do it.

5. Floating Desk

Floating Desk

This desk is designed in such a way that you can easily fit your laptop in. It has two drop-down shelves to hold laptops. Also, if you are not working then you can keep it out of sight and work out of mind. It is the perfect Laptop desk for small space.

6. Basic Style

Basic Style

Basic style desks are strong enough to hold up to 220lbs which means you don’t have to worry about your computer or anything else you put on it. According to reviewers, it is a fabulous desk for small areas and looks modern.

7. Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

Wall-Mounted Drop-Leaf Table

You can open this desk when you need to do work on it. Also, you can fold it to use that ground area. However, it is a great desk for small spaces. You can buy it for your children so that they can comfortably do their homework hassle-free without using lots of space.

8. L-Shaped Style

L-Shaped Style

It is popular for maintaining space. It will give you lots of space which is especially beneficial for work from home workers. Also, it is easy enough to handle and assemble. Allen wrench is the tool that comes with it to assemble it. This desk is highly recommendable for people who need some workspace in a small space.

9. Wood Writing Desk

Wood Writing Desk

With this desk, you generally get two drawers so that you can hold all your office supplies in it and the top of the desk looks clean and arranged. Also, it does not make the rest of the room feel cluttered and smaller.

10. Simple Desk

Simple Desk

Reviewer’s loved it because it is easy to assemble and looks professional. It looks slim, comfortable. You will have enough space to put your necessary office items in this desk.

11.Atlantic Adjustable Laptop Tray Table

Atlantic Adjustable Laptop Tray Table


This table is adjustable and you can put your screen at the optimal eye level. Also, Some of  it has a cup holder that is really appreciable.

12. Ikea Micke Desk

Ikea Micke Desk

If you are looking for a small desk. It is the smallest desk of the Micke family ie. approx 29 inches with ample space in a single drawer.

13. Small Folding Desk

Small Folding Desk

The small folding desk folds up so virtually like it’s non-existent. And, this desk costs you approx $50 when you aren’t working on it. You can get this desk without confusing yourself with other options.

14. Mind Reader Adjustable Standing Desk

Mind Reader Adjustable Standing Desk

This mind reader desk is really amazing. You can roll, sit, stand, and work on it. and you can use it anywhere.

15. Metal Tubing Desk

Metal Tubing Desk

A metal tubing desk is minimalistic and it can fit well in your home. Moreover, it will look nice all the time and provide ample space to store things.

16. Folding Laptop Table

Folding Laptop Table

A folding Laptop table looks nice enough that you might not even want to fold it up and store it in a closet when you are done working. However, you can fold it if you need extra space. This laptop desk is small, lightweight, and easy to assemble. This desk was better if it was a little dipper for a 34-inch monitor.

17. USB Folding Wall Desk

USB Folding Wall Desk

It’s just perfect for those glam touch-up moments when you need to attend your WFH video conference calls with your clients. It has a center cord cutout, with an adapter and two USB ports and storage spaces.

18. Desk Hutch

Desk Hutch

Desk Hutch desk is great for storage and stays organized when you are having a rough week. According to reviewers, it’s perfect for a laptop, lamp, or iPhone speaker/dock. Also, it can create a happy study space.

19. Rustic Style Desk

Rustic Style Desk

It has plenty of character and comes with a storage shelf when you need to grab your lunch and take a bite. According to reviewer’s it can be assembled easily in less than 30 minutes. It’s the right size and looks good in the office. However, the price depends on size and style.

20. Clear-top Writing Desk

Clear-top Writing Desk

You can use this desk if you need a glass top. It will give the illusion that the desk is taking up less space in the room than it really is. According to the reviewer, the glass top gives them an airier feel and elegant look. However, it’s not easy to assemble it.


If you don’t have a lot of space for a desk, you may also not have space for office storage but want to buy a desk with built-in storage. Above we reviewed various desks for a small space. It is best to buy a desk at an affordable price instead of furniture that needs a lot of space.

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