Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is now a topic that has gained interest all over the world. It is concerned with the manner in which people perceive, identify, and even manage their emotions. This is essentially an aspect which can impact several important outcomes in a person’s life. However, until now, no authoritative books have been able to bridge that gap between the scholarly articles on this subject. This article however will help you understand everything you need to know on this subject.

What is Meant by Emotional Intelligence and can It be Learnt?

Emotional intelligence is basically the ability to understand and manage your own emotions not forgetting the emotions of other people. A major question that is commonly asked concerning this skill is whether it can be learned. The good thing is that though some people have it as a talent, it is still possible to learn it. There have been several clear as well as focused research to supports the fact. People will learn how to interact effectively at the workplace which will in turn increase emotional intelligence.

What are the Types of Emotional Intelligence?

To properly understand emotional intelligence, you need to understand the different categories of it as explained below:


This will be best defined by one’s ability to recognize their own emotions, values, strengths as well as weaknesses. It is also defined on the impact it has on others. To reach our ultimate potential, we should be confident in who we are.


This will incorporate controlling or redirecting your disruptive emotions in order to adapt to changing circumstances. Remember that being calm is somehow contagious and panic as well. Whenever you assume leadership roles, you should never panic when things get stressful.

Empathy & Compassion

This refers to one’s ability to put themselves in the shoes of others to understand their feeling in certain situations. When you have empathy, you will always feel compassionate about others. The emotions we feel after suffering will motivate us to help.

Relationship Management

It is impossible to make deep connections to people when you are distracted. For this reason, you should have the ability to communicate effectively. In that way, you will be able to move a team of individuals in a certain direction.

Effective Communication

Misunderstanding as well as lack of communication causes problems among most people. Poor communication can emanate from frustration, bitterness as well as confusion. To eliminate such obstacles, effective communication will be a key consideration.

How does one Practice Emotional Intelligence?

Be Fluent in Emotions

In order to practice, you must be emotionally fluent. One part about this is the ability to name the emotions and the next part is the ability to differentiate between similar emotions.

Observe Without Fixing

After naming these emotions, you should let that be for a short time. You need to get yourself frustrated or angry. Do not always have the tendency of thinking that some emotions are bad and try to push them away immediately we feel them.

Recognize the Recurring Patterns

This might be the transformative part of knowing yourself. In order to understand this, you need a bit of neuroscience. The thing is that our brains have a natural tendency of following the neutral pathways which are already existing.

How does one Practice Emotional Intelligence

Does Leadership Need Emotional Intelligence? If then Why?

Emotionally intelligent leaders are going to recognize the need for treating their employees well. This will be the same way they would treat a client. Apart from that, they will role model an organization’s values. For that reason, emotional intelligence will have a big role to play in bringing up a good leader.

What are the Benefits?

Allows Better Team Work

Teams that have emotionally intelligent members will be great when working together. There will be good communication, trust, and even value for each other. Once someone makes suggestions, they will be able to respond productively and positively.

It is Possible to Deal with Change

People do not always like changes. However, emotional intelligence equips with the tools you need to adapt to change. As such, you will have a good relationship with team members in your workplace.

It makes one a Good Leader

Good leaders will always understand people. They will be aware of how people work and the way to influence them. Emotional intelligence is going to help you achieve that understanding to bring a brilliant leader from you.

How Can You Improve It?

Skills that help in improving emotional intelligence can be easily learned anytime. So as to properly change behavior in ways which stand up under pressure, you just learn how to conquer stress at that moment. The four skills which will help you to improve this skill, however, will be:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship management

Bottom Line

Those actions which we create mostly in our lives will be based on emotional intelligence. When we have good organizational skills and communication skills, you will always make the best decisions as well as interactions with others. The bottom line about emotional intelligence is that it has so much influence in our day to day lives. The best thing is that it is possible to learn about the same in case you do not possess it naturally.

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