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Are you excited about all the amazing upcoming PC games in 2022? Gamers are already wild with the recent release of God of War PC. But, the most exciting part is that there are more. Games like Elden Ring have already made their presence clear.

Even the Vampire series is on its way as well. Do you even know PUBG PC has become a free game! You are allowed to get excited as 2022 will be a new era of gaming with lots more surprises. Get your wallet ready as 2022 will be quite wild for gamers.

Upcoming PC Games in 2022

If you are a veteran DOTA 2, CS:GO, PUBG or Valorant player, new updates can only satisfy your need. But, if you have multiple tastes, this year will be full of amazing additions. The recent God of War is the prime example of it. A PS exclusive is coming to PC! You have a lot more to explore. Check out the games we are mentioning in the list. Some of them are going to be the best PC games for sure.

Elden Ring

Elden ring

Do you love open-world RPG games? Games like The Elder Scroll and Dark Souls are still in our hearts. Elden Ring is a promise to take that expectation way higher than before. It has released a short version of the game. That was more than enough to get your hopes high. It is going to be one of the best games of the year.

God of War

God of war

God of War, One of the best games we have ever had so far. Its storyline, action, cutscenes, gores are all that a gamer wants. It has been a PS exclusive for years. Even more, it is one of the best PS Games ever. Finally, it is coming to PC! As it has already been released, the game is overwhelming everyone. A top contender to become the best game of the year 2022.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction

Tom clancys rainbow

R6 or Rainbow Six Siege has been one of the best strategic action games. It is a mixture of mission, strategy, battle royal, and shooting action. It is not a game that anyone can fit in. Many players also describe it as a game for professionals.

Now, it is adding a new form with the help of Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead is a zombie game. So, you can visualize what it will become. A shooting mission game against a bunch of zombies. But are they just zombies or smart creatures? You have to wait to see.



If you are ready to chop down some vampire magicians with your friends, then get ready. Redfall is exactly as we said. You have to play on an Island with friends where many super-intelligent vampires are your enemy. Sci-Fi and magic, who will win the war of survival?

Total War: Warhammer 3

Total war: warhammer 3

Total War: Warhammer is a game of war and strategy. If you see yourself as a general who turns the tide of war, then it’s your ground to play. The game is mixed with mythical creatures and many advanced technologies. Total War: Warhammer 3 promises you to give the best war excitement with new and improved war mechanics.

Ark 2

Ark 2

Have you ever thought of going back to the ancient world of primordial creatures? Ark Survival is the game that takes you back to the start of the world. There is nothing but jungle and fearsome creatures. Don’t forget about those nasty primal tribes as well.

You have to fight against them for survival. Although, you are not alone. Ark 2 is their new series coming in 2022. It will feature both tribal war and survival against monsters. Surprisingly, they also feature Van Diesel as a playable character in the trailer.

Company of Heroes 3

Company of heroes-3

RTS or real-time strategy is one of the best gaming genres. Company of Heroes 3 is coming with advanced war mechanics in RTS. You will have a chance to use land, water, forest, mountain, and everything as a source of war strategy. If you are an RTS love, pack your mind gear as soon as it is coming.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt

Vampire The Masquerado Bloodhunt

It will probably, be one of the most demanding games in 2022. This game is taking the single-player game sense to a whole new level. The game will introduce some of the next-gen game mechanisms we haven’t seen yet.
The game is not about a war between humans and vampires. It’s a war among the vampires. Do you know what makes the game even more enjoyable? It is also a mixed sci-fi game. So, you will have all those amazing vampire abilities along with exclusive gears. A maxed-out fight for domination! It already feels pretty bloody, don’t you think?

Saints Row

Saints row

A classic game where some gangsters violate your town. All you have to do is kick their ass and take the town back. But, you are not alone in the mission. There are friends to help you out. It’s fun and action. Steal from the enemy and destroy them. A nice and clean action game with tons of missions.

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SUICIDE SQUAD: Kill The Justice League

Suicide squad

Heroes can turn into evil. What will happen to the world then? This was the question behind the introduction of the suicide squad. The upcoming game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League features a battle between the suicide squad and the justice league.

It may feel pretty weird that you have to kill all those favorite heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and so on. But isn’t it fun to go against the heroes and see how heroic they are? The game will let you see the dark side of heroes and our society. It has an interesting story and game design. It’s surely one of the brand new upcoming PC games in 2022. Don’t miss them out.

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