Portable Electronic Gadgets

During the pandemic, our cellphone and laptops have become valuable allies for everyone who works or studies. Moreover, they have allowed us to get in touch with our loved ones. Such a technology miracle would have been unthinkable not more than 20 years ago. However, despite how awesome these devices are on their own, you might want more. So, did you know there are tons of portable electronic gadgets that can improve your life too?

In today’s article, we’ll look at those gadgets you have heard about but haven’t read much about. We’ve analyzed dozens of products available online and carefully chosen the best ones out there. We’ve considered their price, how often you can use them and how they compare to other brands. Join us at our top, where you’re sure to find something that’ll better your life!

Top 7 Portable Electronic Gadget

A Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro


We’ve learned how uncomfortable headphones can be throughout countless hours of school lessons and office meetings. However, it’s hard to hear anything with the tiny speaker our cell phone or laptop has. That’s why, for many people, it won’t cut it.

So, if you want to hear your boss’ voice clearly (or “Shake It Up” out loud in a loop), we know what you need. May we present to you Bose SoundLink Micro. Its exceptional sound quality is sure to satisfy the craves of every music lover. The top-notch technology in this speaker reproduces even the deepest bass.

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Selfie Stick

EGS-08 Multi-functional Selfie Stick


Now the pandemic’s almost over, we’re meeting our friends more than ever. We’re finally carrying out plans for those vacations we’ve always put off too. So, what’s better than your phone to take pictures and save those memories for years? Probably nothing. For that, you’ll need a great selfie stick! However, you’ll need to take good group vids and photos.

We know what you’re thinking. “Hey, I haven’t seen one of those in years. Haven’t they disappeared?” Well, first of all, people are still using them a lot. Second, nothing can get the best angle for group selfies than a GoPro or a cell phone on a stick. With it, you know that no one will be left behind in the group photo.

As we only bring you the la crème de la crème, we recommend the EGS-08 Multi-functional Selfie Stick. It is compatible with almost every modern cell phone and has Bluetooth to connect with them. Moreover, it comes with a tripod in which you can put your selfie stick to get the greatest pictures ever! So, say farewell to setting your phone’s timer and rushing to get a good take quickly.

Portable Smartphone Charger

Mophie Powerstation


We all love our cell phones, and they are almost a body extension for many. However, when we need them the most, their juice runs out. Unfortunately, it tends to happen in the middle of an important lesson or when sitting for an exam. We’re paying the closest attention we can, and our cell phone warns us it has almost no battery left. However, we can’t find the charger quickly, and it turns off.

Few things are so frustrating as witnessing your screen fade into darkness. This is especially true if you haven’t slept well and seen your reflection on that black mirror. However, fret not! We have a solution: a portable smartphone charger. With this device, you will never suffer because of your battery again.

After trying out several portable chargers, we’ve found out that the Mophie Powerstation Mini is the best. It has a capacity of 3.000 mAh that’s enough for more than two complete charges. It’ll also supply your laptop with a couple of hours so you can work safely from it. This portable charger is small enough to fit even in your pants pockets. You can get it on Amazon, and it comes in four different colors.

Amazon Echo

An amazon echo

Orwell has long ago warned us about some of the issues technology brings. He knew that Big Brother would watch and hear us at all times. However, he never imagined it’d be so convenient. An Amazon Echo is more useful than ever now that we don’t have time for nearly anything.

With this electric gadget, you’ll be able to call your contacts while cooking or to bathe your toddler. Amazon Echo can also “answer basic questions, tell you the weather forecast and sports scores, and even request an Uber or Lyft for you.”¹ Moreover, it plays your favorite music too. Your wishes are orders for this superb device.

A Lost-Stuff Finder

Tile Mate


This one probably falls into the weird gadget category, yet it’s one of the most useful. Tired of losing your keys? Afraid of getting your bike stolen? Angry because you never find your car in one of those colossal market parking lots? Then this gadget is totally for you.

Tile Mate is a tracker tinier than 3’’ and lighter than 2 oz that attaches to anything you want. With it, you’ll be able to find your bike, your keys, your car, your purse with your phone. What’s that? “And what about my phone?” I hear you say? Well, yeah, duh.

With the Tile Mate 4 pack that goes for $70, you’ll have plenty of gadgets to find your lost stuff. You simply need to attach them to your valuables. Then you’ll be able to ring them through the app on your phone. In case you want to find your phone, you can ring it with another tile. Lastly, if it’s far away, you can track it with your phone to find where it is. Its replaceable battery is sure to last up to 1 year.

Home Security Camera

Google Nest security camera


With poverty on the rise, crime rates are soaring all over the nation. However, there’s no need to spend your entire day wondering if everything’s alright at home. With modern cameras, you can check what’s happening at your house from anywhere with an internet connection.

Google Nest security camera excels at keeping your residence safe. With it, you’ll be able to live stream 24/7 and watch it from your laptop or phone to check everything’s in order. Moreover, its sensors will send you some alerts the moment they detect activity. Besides, it has night vision that lets you keep watch even in the darkest night. Finally, it has 2-way audio that allows you to hear and talk to anyone at your home.

Comfortable Wireless Mouse

Logitech Performance MX Mouse


Reject those hand aches you get for spending so many hours using an uncomfortable laptop pad. It’s better to spend some bucks on a good wireless mouse than hearing your doc say you have tendinitis. Therefore, we recommend the Logitech Performance MX Mouse.

With this premium mouse, you can click and open tabs, apps and control the volume. You’ll be able to do this and much more through its four customizable buttons on the side. In contrast with other wireless mice, this one is eco-friendly as it doesn’t need batteries. You simply recharge it with its USB recharging cable!

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of portable gadgets in the markets. Although it’s great to have plenty of options, it can undoubtedly be overwhelming. Choosing the right brand, line, model, and the gadget is no easy task. Many are too expensive, and others claim to do much more than what they actually can. Moreover, even though reviews can be helpful, they can also be misleading.

For this reason, we hope our article has been of help to you. Although there were many items we could choose from, we went for the most useful ones. No matter if you’re having online lessons or doing home office, there’s certainly something for you! So, go on! Make your wish list and start buying right now! These electric gadgets will make your life better.

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