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Obesity and excess body fats pose a lot of health risks including physical and emotional turmoil. Lifestyle conditions such as lack of exercise, eating fast foods etc. are some of the factors that lead to obesity. The result of this is that more people are trying to look for ways which they can use to shed extra body fat and stay healthy. As much diet change and workouts help to improve weight loss, they are not fully effective. Protein shakes offer the best reinforcement for weight loss since they help to suppress appetite and reduce calorie intake. Slim Fast and Isagenix are some of the best meal replacement shakes but between them which one is the most effective? In order to understand which, one is the better option, below is a comparative review of Isagenix and slim fast diet shakes.

About Slim Fast

It is a two- meal replacement supplement that requires milk for it to be effective. Although this meal replacement plan can be used alone, you need to add milk in order to increase the amount of fiber and proteins which will be used to curb hunger.

Slim Fast is one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss and it comes in a wide range of flavors and types which include Protein Meal Replacement shakes, Protein meal replacement bars, snack bars, snack bags, and porridges. The weight loss supplement is available in tastes such as creamy milk chocolate, strawberries cream, French vanilla, and chocolate royale.

About Isagenix

According to multiple meal replacement shake reviews, the Isagenix shakes are the diet shakes with the fastest popularity growth rate. Isagenix Isalean is a soy-free and gluten-free replacement shakes for weight loss which contains milk. It has high amounts of protein and fiber and it perfectly helps users to curb hunger. Isagenix Isalean is available in three different types of flavors i.e. creamy French vanilla, strawberry cream, and creamy Dutch chocolate. There is also an option of dairy-free Isagenix which contains the natural flavor of berry.

Slim Fast & Isagenix packets

Slim Fast vs. Isagenix

Slim Fast and Isagenix are some of the best meal replacement shakes. These two diet shakes have been rated as the most effective when it comes to meal replacement shake reviews. However, the components used to formulate them and their working are totally different. Isagenix Isalean is one of the top weight loss shakes that is antibiotic and hormone free. It contains proteins which help to support and maintain the body in a healthy way. Slim Fast is a smoothie powder that contains the only 20g of protein and 24-essential minerals and vitamins which help to provide the body with the necessary nourishment. Slim fast shakes also help the body to sustain energy.

Isagenix Isalean uses natural ingredients of high-quality some of which meet or exceed the organic requirements. Its sodium content is higher than the normal recommended amount. One –teaspoon of Isagenix contains more sodium than the daily recommended intake. Too much sodium negatively affects weight loss, and overall health since it can lead to the development of medical conditions such as heart diseases, kidney, and high blood pressure. It’s one of the meal replacement shakes that uses enzymes to enhance the absorption of nutrients and breaking down of complex carbohydrates. The best Slim Fast shakes contain highly formulated proteins in form of smoothie powder. This protein shake is an exceptional weight loss product that helps to cover hunger and food cravings for up to four hours.

Note that Slim Fast has much better taste than Isagenix and it has received multiple awards including the OK! Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine awards. Additionally, it was awarded as the best diet shake by Chef’s Best Taste Award because of its unique and exceptional tastes. Isagenix is formulated with three tastes only.

Bottom Line

Looking at the above comparison, Slim Fast is highly recommended since it has numerous health benefits. The best slim fast shakes are usually in form of powder and they have lower sodium levels, lower calorie levels and also lower sugar levels. However, this diet plan requires users to add milk in order for them to get the best hunger-controlling effect. If you can’t be able to choose a fat-free Slim Fast product, then it’s recommended that you go for the convenient r ready-to-drink type.

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