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In our continuous search to discover the highest- quality health supplements, now we will review TruVision Health products. Whilst we first noticed customer complaints on side effects, we knew we had to analyze it. With all the misinformation out there in the world, we knew we had to take a deep dive and get the full picture.

TruVision Health– What is it? 

To start from the beginning, the TruVision company offers multiple products like TruNecessity, TruEssentials, and TruHealth. Just to put you at ease right at the start, don’t worry, we didn’t discover complaints of bad side effects. The ingredients the product contains and the research we invested in each of them would possibly uncover the cause for bitter reviews. In light of this, a variety of comments from customers talked about the lack of personal results, but no one complained that any of the products hurt their health. In a bit, we’ll dig right into the technology. For the time being, read more information about the product.

Depending on what supplement you take, you’ll take two tablets within a day. TruVision Health brought the supplement line in 2014 to, as they claim, aid in weight loss. Distributors, stores, and the manufacturer’s website sell dietary supplements. What we do like is that we found a few positive customer reviews and that they actually use some natural ingredients. Some of the TruVision ingredients include:

  • Green Tea Extract
  • Dendrobium
  • Bitter Orange
  • Caffeine
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

Side Effects from Using TruVision 

As all of the other dietary supplements have side effects this one does have them too. One of them is shakiness or jittery feeling which can occur for some people if they have low caffeine tolerance. Some other side effect is that you could get agitated and impatient. The recommendation if you experience any of these effects is to reduce your dosage. This is not very concerning, as many people might not be used to regular side effects of caffeine intake, yet the side effects decrease with prolonged use.

Although I must admit, not everyone has these side effects. We found some reviews from customers who stated that they do not have any jitters or other side effects and even had the positive that their stomach issues went away. This is just one of the positive reasons we read that people continue to use the product.

Is TruVision Health a Scam? 

We know that’s the real question on your mind right now. Many companies have been proven to be scamming people, and that’s why we dug into the product today. Back in April of 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) contacted various companies whose products included DMBA, or 4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate. One of them was TruVision. DMBA still has not been accepted as a safe supplement ingredient and if you have it in your products before their seal of approval, they will request that you remove the product from the market. As a result, they warned them to stop selling Try Weight & Energy until they resolved the issue. Most importantly, this is not something to be called a TruVision health scam. It is just a warning from the FDA. On top of that, it’s a warning that TruVision listened to.

Does Science Confirm What TruVision Claims? 

As it is stated in their website, TruVision asserts that their product aids in increasing weight loss, which ultimately leads to results. What we couldn’t find was any type of clinical study supporting TruVision Health’s claims that study just these products as a whole. However, there are a lot of studies that support the individual ingredients, like caffeine and green tea extract. What we did find, was a helpful ingredient in raspberry ketones. At the end of the day, the individual ingredients have scientific backing, and we think it would be helpful to have clinical studies to support the TruVision health claims.

What Do Users Say About TruVision Health Results? 

There are various reviews across the internet about the effectiveness of the TruVision products. Some state that they tried the product for a month and didn’t lose any weight, but didn’t say anything about if they changed anything else in their lifestyle.

However, not all is negative. Some people react to certain products better than others. Some customers claim that they have good results and feel healthier, lost weight and that TruVision actually improved their mood.

Bottom Line

So, what does this all mean? From what we can tell by historical information, the ingredients, and personal reviews, this supplement has helped people achieve their health goals. TruVision health products have been proven to have ingredients that aid in weight loss and digestive issues. At the end of the day, however, you just have to try for yourself and see what works!

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