American subscription video provider and giant, Hulu LLC finally released their“no ad-avoidance benefit” Hulu Plus last July promising to provide HD stream in entire current seasons of shows. But the big question is, “does the cost of Hulu Plus really worth the perks?”

Advantages of Hulu Plus

You can watch the entire back library of many TV programs such as Heroes, Arrested Development, and The X-Files. They also offer the subscription of the television programs, Glee, Modern Family, The Office, and 30 Rock. The said shows can be watch and enjoyed through televisions, computers, iPods, iPhones, or iPod Touch which should be connected through a Wi-Fi or 3G. Nevertheless, it cannot be used for Blackberry and Android phones.

Hulu Plus vs.

It was revealed in a study conducted by a One-touch intelligence research firm that almost 22 out of 25 of all the full-length TV program episodes available in the “$10 a month subscription service” of Hulu Plus can already be enjoyed, free of charges from In addition, roughly 98% of Hulu Plus’s video clips are already in the free Hulu.

It was also concluded in the analysis that out of 28K+ program episodes on Hulu Plus, just 3,345 of them can’t also found on; almost 66% of these shows are obtained from ABC, Fox, and NBC (Hulu’s broadcast TV network partners/owners).

Furthermore, most of Hulu Plus viewers see the same quantity of ads as do free users.

Hulu Plus vs. Netflix

In order to have arrived at a non-biased assessment on Hulu Plus’s real worth, it is just appropriate to compare it with another streaming media titan, Netflix.

They are both pioneers in providing streaming services on television programs and now, they become essential elements in the daily lives of most of us. Both company provide good services as they both have a growing number of clients and both have advantages and disadvantages.

Hulu Plus gets Television show episodes as well as video clips faster, right after the day after they air (most of the time) while Netflix provides a larger number of contents, a gigantic library of shows and films to choose from.

Hulu Plus offers current programming from networks including ABC, Fox, NBC, and the CW, as well as a display of cable networks. In many cases, previous seasons are available as well. So if you are that kind of viewer who wants the latest programs or show, Hulu Plus is for you.

Furthermore, Hulu concentrates in some zones that Netflix is frail — their anime choices, for example, is much more full-bodied.

One disadvantage of using Hulu Plus is that in most times, shows (which are just currently airing) are just limited to five or more episodes rather than the whole season which can be a little disappointing. In addition, some of these limited episodes are not even in chronological order.

On the other hand, another major shortcoming of Netflix is that it has no HBO. Yet, it still has a huge collection of programs that have already completed and ended. They also have a large number of previous seasons of numerous presently airing shows from a wide-ranging selection of networks.

However, Netflix’s streaming offerings can in instantaneously (from month to month). This is due to licensing agreements expiration. Just imagine that you are watching a show tonight which might not be available tomorrow, that would be so much unacceptable for you as a paying audience.

On the HD quality side, if you have the right hardware, Netflix can offer you the best watching experience. Netflix can stream in a clear 1080p with surround sound audio through the PlayStation 4 and a lot of supported devices.

On the price itself, Netflix is a dollar cheaper than Hulu Plus. Yet, Hulu Plus dependency on advertising which is one of their biggest disadvantages. Your video streaming is greatly interrupted many times for unskippable filmed commercials, numerous of which are recurring over and over.

The said unskippable advertisements’ duration is ranging from 1-3 minutes and hopelessly, there is no way to eliminate the said disturbances. Netflix, on the other hand, does not interrupt any content with ads.

To sum it up, Hulu Plus has very little advantage from the freely available and comparatively nearly equal quality of services offered by Netflix which comes at a cheaper price. At the end of the day, $10 is not the only cost of Hulu Plus; its disadvantages can cost us a lot of time and patience. Think and spend wisely!

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