Body Types How to Match Workout Routines for Your Body

Workout routines prove to be essential practices, especially when you want to improve your body fitness. Many exercises are available for you to try, but they are not the same. It will be nice to understand the type of body type you have before deciding to embark on any workout plan. There are three types of body types such as the Endomorph, the Mesomorph, and the Ectomorph. Understanding the type of body that you possess will ensure that you choose the best workout practice that will work well with your body. 

The article will give you all the details concerning the three body types and the kind of body practices you will embrace for each body type. 

Brief About Body Types

You already know that the body types do vary. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the difference between the three body types to help you choose the best workout plan. The three basic human body types are the Endomorph, the Mesomorph, and Ectomorph. Notably, you now possess the body type is not bound to you forever, but you can be sure to change it over time, depending on the type of work and style of practice that you will embrace.

Let’s briefly discuss each of the three body types below. 

Body Types: Ectomorph

Do you possess a thin body and feel you want to grow some weight, but can you do it efficiently? Or you have thin muscles or less fat adipose tissues? Do you eat nutritious food, and you still find your body remaining the same? If all your answers here are yes, then your body is an ectomorph type. Ectomorphs often have a lean build, long limbs, and tiny bellies. Ectomorphs can add some weight, though they won’t appear like they have added anything. Importantly, ectomorphs can still be fit and even healthier despite the reduced potential of ever-growing muscles. There are customized workout routines that will be useful for all ectomorphs.

Body Types: Mesomorph

Mesomorphs are the select type of people who owns bodies that can take both worlds. They can be thin if they want, and they can also grow more significant if they want. They often have broad shoulders, a narrow waist, and relatively thin joints. Their muscle bellies are relatively round, unlike those of the mesomorphs. Mesomorphs can naturally grow fit and become muscular, though you will also need to engage in a healthy diet with exercise to enhance your overall fitness. Notably, mesomorphs do need workout routines to remain fit. The advantage here is that you can quickly bounce back to your fitness goals without engaging in more extended periods of exercise. 

Body Types: Endomorph 

Endomorphs are the types of bodies that will gain weight and retain it. They are characteristically more massive, more significant, and broader than the ectomorphs and mesomorphs. They have a big build with a thick ribcage. Their hips are also complete, and the limbs will often be shorter. Endomorphs are often more muscular than ectomorphs and mesomorphs. They quickly gain weight without even engaging in a strict diet. 

Endomorphs can be healthy if they set a workout routine that works well with their bodies. You can be sure to remain more robust, healthier, and even more capable than other groups only if you take your fitness journey seriously. Endomorphs must never ignore their workout plans because, for instance, s where they stop doing it, it will take arduous work to tune it back. 

Which is The Best Workout According to Your Body Type? 

You will engage in proper training when you can define the type of body type that you possess. Importantly, all body types can reach that best body fitness provided that you stick to the workout routines. The famous bodybuilders learn how to overcome the natural tendencies that will allow them to take full control of their bodies. 

Somebody types offer workout advantages such as endomorphs, while this may not necessarily imply that the ectomorphs are unsuitable because they also have their benefits. You only need to utilize the body advantages that you have for the success of your fitness goals. 

  • Ectomorph

Ectomorphs will need lots of proteins and carbs regularly. A fatty diet will ensure that you are getting all the essential nutrients to power you through your workout exercises. Ectomorphs will then need to lift heavy weights while reducing the aerobic activities. Ensure that you are seriously taking your diet and fitness exercise to rich at the best workout levels. 

  • Mesomorph

Mesomorphs will need to lift moderate weight regularly while engaging in regular aerobic activities practices. The mesomorphs will look bulky over time, but this should not be a worry, but take care of weight gain through fat gains. 

  • Endomorph

Endomorphs will benefit from using moderate weights while ensuring that they keep a regular and fast training pace. Endomorph needs serious calorie-burning therefore, necessitating the need for regular exercises. You can also try to control the types of food you take that will eventually result in weight gain. Notably, understanding who you are and what you need for your fitness goals will lead to success.

Workout Routines With Body Types 

Now that you have a rough idea of the best way to train a body type, it will be wise to learn the workout routines that will fit the body types already highlighted above. To understand it correctly, it will be worth breaking it down each to don’t end up doing guesswork. Each body type does have specific workout routines for strength and Cardio development. It would be best to learn how you will need to train for strength ad cardio for each body type. 


Ectomorphs often have narrow hips and shoulders, low-fat content, and skinny arms and legs. The situation can make an ectomorph believe that he or she cannot gain weight. The truth is, everybody type can achieve its fitness goals provided that they stick to relevant workout routines.

Strength Training Procedures for Ectomorphs 

  • Ectomorphs should train with heavy weights regularly. In every set of training, ensure that you are getting enough rest between sets. 
  • As an ectomorph, you should worry about calories. When you go for a workout, ensure that you are dealing with one or two body parts so that you don’t end up consuming lots of calories. 
  • Do 5 to 8 reps and 6-8 sets of every exercise that you will choose 
  • Plenty of rest is essential after every workout. In instances where you feel pain in some muscles, it is wise to avoid training.

Cardio Training for Ectomorph 

Ectomorphs need to minimize cardio training exercises. Engage in moderate and low-intensity bike rides. You can also moderate your brisk walks so that you reduce stress.


The Mesomorph is kind of in between the Ectomorph and the Endomorph. They can put on muscle quickly and genetically are the ideal body type for bodybuilding. They have powerful legs, broad shoulders, and a narrower waist. Generally, they also have shallow body fat.

Strength Training for Mesomorph 

Mesomorph will need to vary their training for better results. 

  • Engage in light, moderate, and heavyweight training. You can also consider using the training apps for bodyweight Training  
  • Basic exercises such as lunges, deadlifts, rows, squats, and chest press are excellent for mesomorphs; you can also accompany this with isolation exercises while lifting moderate and light weights. 
  • Enhance better results by trying 8-12 reps for most of eh exercises. Incorporate heavyweights when it comes to leg training. You can do six reps  
  • Consider adding in other strength training activities that you will want. 

Cardio Training for Mesomorphs 

Cardio training is simple for mesomorphs. Consider several days where you will exercise your cardio for 15-30 minutes. You can mix in both HIIT training and LISS training for best cardio training results. 


They are a special type of body that tends to store more fat, therefore necessitating more training. Endomorphs do not quickly put-on muscles though they can quickly gain weight. As an endomorph, you can take advantage of your weight advantage and energy for outstanding fitness.

Strength Training for Endomorph 

Endomorphs need lots of exercises to allow them to burn calories. You will be dealing with a mix of bodyweight training activities and moderate weight lifting exercises.

  • Aim for 8-12 reps and 3-5 sets for your upper body. Your lower body will need 12-20 reps. 
  • Do not engage o heavy weight lifting with low reps 
  • Do this until you arrive at a favorable weight loss goal when you start to isolate muscles for a better shape? 

Cardio Training for Endomorphs 

Endomorphs should incorporate cardio training three times per week for 20 to 30 minutes. Ensure that your cardio training is accessible on the knees and will have a low impact. The best cardio training activities include biking, swimming, and walking.

Bottom Line

To conclude, Workout routines prove to be the best practices that will simplify your fitness goals. Understanding your body type is essential to determine the fitness exercise for your body. Consider the strength and cardio exercise for all types of bodies and be ahead when it comes to fitness and overall wellness.

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