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Guest Blog Post Guidelines:

Who can write for us:

Experienced writers, bloggers or persons with experience in the field of the niche/categories we have mentioned. Please do not send submissions or bio references that promote a business or service, not in line with our philosophy.

Content Requirements:

  • Please submit your post with a unique Title that relates your content.
  • Your article is must be minimum of 700+ words to be published on creativecoremedia.com
  • We accept Neutral, informative, helpful and entertaining tone articles that must be related to our niche and category.
  • Content must be written in easy to read English with correct grammar and punctuation.
  • Before choosing the topic, please use our search box at the top of the page to avoid duplicating content. We only accept topics that do not appear on our website already.


If your article is approved, you will get an opportunity to choose the option to include one link back to your website, blog, YouTube video or social media page or profile with the content make sure to include up to 3 images. We have one more option for you if you’d like to add two links please add $10 more to your payment ($20 total).

We’re accepting high-quality post submissions. If you are interested in works tirelessly and confident about to provide great content you are most welcome to join our writing team!

Please Note: After publishing the article we have the right to make any changes.

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